Our work

Who ?

Ombab is the owner Johan and his fluid team. He loves to develop websites, all by himself or with his network of front-end and back-end developers, network administrator, database specialist, UX specialist and web designers.

Johan has over 20 years of experience in IT and Project Management in Brussels. In 2009 he moved with his family from Belgium to Hong Kong.

Team members can work from their home or

Johan's home on Park Island, HK

Location home

or our office in Kwai Fong, HK

Kwai Fong Office

Rodenbach in Hong Kong
koffiekoeken hong kong

How ?

contact person

One contact person / project manager (Johan)

Distillation of requirements, contents and creative ideas

We offer a quote and a contract by email

For websites we can offer a fixed price with a 50% advanced payment

For web apps we use an agile approach with weekly advanced payments and daily user feedback and updates

We improve on page SEO, add Google Analytics and test extensibly, before LAUNCH !

We strive for you to prosper online

Ombab helps individuals and SMEs with affordable web and design solutions